Traditional Medicinals Tea: Product Review by Haley Nagasaki

Traditional Medicinals Tea

Product Review  

By Haley Nagasaki

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What makes this brand of tea so entirely unique is the fact that when you are consuming these delicious elixirs, you are actually dosing yourself, hence the name Medicinals.

On each of the boxes, the packaging indicates two ingredients list, one for medicinal ingredients, and the other for non-medicinal ingredients; much like what you might read on a supplement bottle. In this regard, when you choose to drink the Nighty Night tea, Valerian is the active medicinal ingredient and sedative, which helps us to unwind after a full day and prepare for sleep, as well as Passion Flower and Lemon Balm, followed by a list of non-medicinal ingredients like Peppermint, Caraway and Licorice Root.

This tea carries with it the pungent scent of herbal cabinetry or an apothecary chest. The Nighty Night sleep aid tea is a delicious, light tasting brew, each bag with a different quote printed on the tea tag. Tonight it reads: “The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement”. Of course its fast-acting and potent medicinal ingredients ensure a calming evening, accompanied by a book or perhaps a long soak in the tub, followed by a light and effortless slumber, within which you drift into effortlessly.

The company owner has expressed to me that while the teas are in fact a herbal remedy in and of themselves, they are safe and are encouraged for daily consumption. He found that some individuals might shy away from these teas as perhaps they conceive that they are only meant for consumption as a dietary supplement. Yet the herbal ingredients list is designed for everyday consumption, according to our own intuition; of whether we are nearing bedtime, or perhaps feel as though we are in need of a detox: after the holiday season, or to help mitigate the environmental pollution we all face each and every day.

The second tea I tried from the Traditional Medicinals collection was the Everyday Detox Tea. It has an extensive list of all organic herbal ingredients including Burdock, Stinging Nettle, Cleavers Herb, Dandelion Root, and Lemon Myrtle Leaf. In this particular brew, the awakening scent of Lemon sweetly greets the aromatic palate. With this inviting and cleansing tea option, the longer the tea steeps, the more an earthy aroma moves to the forefront of the palate. I sip my tea, and read: “In all things nature, there is something of the marvelous”. The flavour is quite earthy, of which I love, although some might prefer to gently sweeten it with honey. There is a lovely array of different notes that are quite uplifting, and I found to be very soothing to the stomach.

The main ingredient of the Stress Soother Tea is Skullcap, known for its effective treatment of anxiety, as it is a potent nerve tonic. However the benefits of this incredible herb does not stop there. It also helps to reduce inflammation and fight cancer cells. Other ingredients in this divine tea include Cinnamon Bark and Licorice Root. The Stress Soother is great for day or nighttime use, and is as delicious as it is calming, with prominent ayurvedic properties.

The fourth and final tea I’ve incorporated into my daily routine is the Throat Coat Tea whose main medicinal ingredients include Licorice Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Fennel Fruit, Marshmallow Root, and Slippery Elm Bark. The non-medicinal ingredients list consists of Cinnamon Bark and Sweet Orange Peel. This beautiful blend of revitalizing ingredients is perfect for the winter months, for cold prevention or a natural treatment of illness. Its warming aroma is rich with cinnamon, fennel, and the sweetness of licorice. It is perfect for soothing the soul after the soggy slog through the winter west coast months.

Traditional Medicinals has a line of beautiful products with which to outfit your daily lives. Although not only are their teas a divine addition to the day, but they have other quality merchandise including notebooks, tuques, water bottles, tote bags, and t-shirts.

Available at your local health food store, or online at & remember to aways consult your health practitioner should you have any concerns.

Finally, a big Thank You to Brett White, Business Development Coordinator, for your gifts and vision.