Living in the Post Disclosure World- Humanity Awakens to the ET Presence” Saturday, June 30, 2018 Surrey, BC

Join a renowned panel of top experts for this groundbreaking full-day conference featuring Stephen Bassett, Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan, Jonny Enoch, Daniel Sheehan and Victor Viggiani (Emcee.) Special guests George Noory and Tom Danheiser of Coast to Coast AM Radio.

Discover the latest developments, participate in an audience questions panel moderated by George Noory, and interact with all eight speakers at the special Saturday night Meet the Speakers Cocktail Party at the 4th-Annual Architects of the New Paradigm Conference. Hear Speaker Interviews

Sheraton Vancouver – Guildford Hotel

SATURDAY – June 30, 2018


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A Distinguished Panel of Experts Assembles Seldom do Canadian audiences have the opportunity to learn from such an esteemed group of researchers and activists in-person on these topics. There are many facets to the ET/UFO phenomenon, and this panel will deliver the latest developments regarding the biggest revelation in modern human history and how it will soon affect you.

Get Prepared for the Fast-Coming Changes Human societies are on the cusp of major change, accelerated by the breakdown of official secrecy. The open acknowledgment of extraterrestrial involvement with humanity is beginning to dawn, and the ripple effect of this awareness will touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Now is the time to integrate these new understandings into our personal and societal worldviews fast. Help sound the call to bring humanity’s best and brightest minds to bear on this revolutionary seachange.

Get Informed and Gain Advantage An avalanche of people are now realizing that there’s a lot more to the UFO/ET issue than our institutions have acknowledged. The implications are staggering and the stakes are high. Participate in this crash course to get yourself ahead of the game.

Hear the Updates on the Latest Happenings The recent emergence of a high-profile organization called the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science is making unprecedented progress on the road to Disclosure. Learn about this multifaceted initiative and understand about what it could mean as we draw nearer to the formal acknowledgment of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Understand the Why Control of information is a mainstay of maintaining power. It appears that many technologies have been gleaned from ETs; and the military, pharmaceutical and petrochemical interests that influence government policy might prefer if those secrets remained locked up and hidden away.

See the Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight As of 2018, thousands of books and many hundreds of television and film documentaries have been produced at an increased rate, with several new ones in the works. The testimonies of hundreds of very credible government, military and corporate witness around the world are firmly on record attesting to their involvement with the phenomenon. Furthermore, a reexamination of ancient history with the possibility of non-human involvement evokes provocative new theories.

We’ve Been Here Before Formal campaigns to catalyze official government disclosure of the matter date back to the 1970s. More recently, efforts like the Disclosure Project, the Leslie Kean-James Fox NPC press conference, and the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure have brought enormous credibility to the issue with the quality and stature of the witnesses giving their testimony, attesting to their involvement with the cover-up and the reverse-engineering of technologies.

Formal Disclosure Vs. “Soft Disclosure” Traditionally conservative institutions have recently begun to approach these issues, meanwhile an increasing number of high-profile celebrities are lending their voices to the cause. Is formal disclosure required to thrust humanity into a new paradigm? Or is a slower, gentler and organic evolution already underway?

Are ETs a Threat to Us? Some believe that ETs are here to offer solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges, while others fear that we’re being exploited. Is an invasion imminent, or have we been infiltrated long ago? Do non-human visitors regard Earth as merely a resource for themselves, or are they here to protect the planet from our short-sighted recklessness?

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