Apawthecary Pets: From Nose to Tail, Review by Haley Nagasaki

Apawthecary Pets: From Nose to Tail

Hemp Terpene Treats & Tincture Review


By Haley Nagasaki




Earlier this month I welcomed a new member of the family into my life and home; a Californian rescue from the San Bernadino City Shelter, outside of Los Angeles.

Knowing well that my new companion would have had a number of difficult experiences on route to Vancouver Island, from the chaotic shelter life, to vet boarding, getting spayed, and then the two-day-long transport truck journey North, she would definitely be feeling fragile.




I had been in touch with Apawthecary Pets knowing that Hemp Terpenes would help with her pain and anxiety. And while true that she was intensely anxious, to my delight, upon meeting my new dog (then Abby) there was instant joy and recognition knowing that she was finally home.

I had received two bags of Apawthecary Pets’ Beef Flavoured Hemp Terpene Dog Treats, as well as the Bacon Flavoured Hemp Terpene Tincture, for my Vizsla, Pitbull, and Greyhound mix I named Isla.

When I first picked her up from the loving woman who had organized the mission, she was quite timid, but I knew she would be hungry. I immediately fed her a dog treat, and then another.

The scent of apples and spice filled the bag, with a hint of meatiness, and Isla gobbled them down eagerly. The ingredients list ensures that these treats are an extremely nutritious, balanced, and medicinally beneficial addition to any dog’s diet, with a legend of dog size ratio to treats per day.

Made up of Oat Flour, Channa Flour, Rolled Oats, Apple Sauce, Beef Broth, Powdered Milk, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein Powder, Eggs, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Hemp Terpenes, Cinnamon, and Vitamin E, these treats even seem tempting to a non-canine.

That first day we also went to the pet store to pick out some supplies for her, including other dog treats. When I attempted to feed them to her, Isla turned her nose up at the Grain Free Digestive Health treats, made from potatoes, vegetable glycerin and crude protein.

As she was now a BC dog, I even tried to feed her some salmon from my own dinner that night, yet to my surprise she refused that too; I was beginning to learn that Isla is a picky eater.

Yet my intuition had been correct in ordering the hemp terpene treats for her, as having an endocannabinoid system of her own, she instinctively ate them even before her nerves had settled.

Later when I found a high quality dog food to her liking, I then began experimenting with the Organic Bacon Flavoured Hemp Terpene Tincture. I would disperse a dropper full over her food twice a day, which I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed.

I began noticing Isla becoming less skittish around loud noises and sudden movements. Not only was her body returning to good health, after hard and abusive life, but her mental state and symptoms of anxiety seemed to lessen.

The tincture is a potent blend of 300mg of Hemp Terpenes per 30ml bottle. Its all-natural and organic ingredients include Hemp Terpenes, Bacon Flavour, and MCT (coconut oil), for pain and anxiety.

Now it is nearly a month since we have been brought together. A thin, fearful Abby has been replaced by a strong, full-bodied, stable Isla.

While our journey together is only just beginning, I am immensely grateful for the help we’ve had thus far, while embracing the potent Plant Spirit medicine that is effective not only for humans, but for our animal companions alike.

I highly recommend Apawthecary Pets products for the health of our animal friends, including dogs, cats, and horses. These tasty products are great for preventative health issues, fearfulness and anxiety, pain and discomfort, and an overall ease in adapting to, and overcoming, whatever obstacles life offers.

A sincere Thank You to Apawthecary Pets for all of your wonderful gifts!