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” We are the imagination of ourselves”.

That wonderful statement really opens the door to usher us all in to worlds of limitless wonder. We bought the ticket so let’s enjoy the ride. Let’s remember who we really are and how much fun we can actually become through the experience of our lives and the practice of our greatness.

The New Agora sails on to brighter shores, yet with such tales to tell as might forever fill our hearts with awe and gratitude at the sacrifices of all those involved, and with the hard earned wisdom of having lived through it all.

From everyone at the New Agora: Welcome to the party! Thanks for coming, and don’t forget to enjoy the show.


Structured Buds and Buzz

Structured Buds and Buzz by Liala Ackerman Epstein “Structured Water” is Nature-made water in its freshest state, having the properties and potential of the water of Nature’s original design. Based on scientific discoveries, Structured Water: immediately hydrates the cells, whereas ordinary [...]

Ceremonial Grade Cacao – Your Everyday...

Ceremonial Grade Cacao – Your Everyday Entheogen Written By Kristin Allan and Tanner Ellingson of Cacao Connection Has the magic of cacao ceremony found you yet? If you haven’t already heard the buzz on the street about Ceremonial Grade Cacao [...]

Tao Organics By Glennis Taylor

Tao Organics By Glennis Taylor Whereas eating out was once considered a rare treat or special occasion, today it is an everyday event for many. As people’s awareness awakens to the importance of fresh wholesome plant based food, there is [...]

Revolutionary Water Treatment Allied to...

Revolutionary Water Treatment Allied to New Paradigm in the Biological Sciences by Liala Ackerman Epstein Water’s true nature has been observed to contain a living crystalline network of molecules. Researchers identified distinguishing characteristics occurring in life supporting natural waters found in [...]

Kamikaze Cuisine

By Darrin LR Fiddler July 24, 2018 I remember when I thought that getting ‘value’ meant getting more food for my money. I survived on years of instant meals and junk food, figuring that a calorie was a calorie. If [...]


Why float tanks? In a word: potential; that which lays dormant in the unseen, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unrealized.   Simply put, float tanks are spaces for exploration and experimentation, from physical and material layers of biology, physics, [...]