David Dees Art Book Fire Sale

Dear Super Friends

The west coast of the US is being burned out with nasty directed energy weapons by our fun loving controllers. We had 2 solid months of terrible forest fire smoke in my town in southern Oregon recently, Can you say, danger! danger! Will Robinson?

I have to move. right. now.

My move is pricey, so I slashed prices on my books.

50% off! FIRE Sale Book Set is Dees Volume 1 and volume 3 bought together.

PLUS. I sign my name in every book! Hurry to here  http://ddees.com/fire-sale/

if you ever wanted the ultimate coffee table books, now is the time.

Got to sell them all, not many left. And they will not be reprinted ever.

The set of three volumes will be the best christmas present you ever gave or received, check out the prices. Halp me Halp me. All proceeds go to me cutting bait and hawlin ass.

Buy as many as you can.

Thank you friends

David Dees