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In the words of a great man ” We are the imagination of ourselves”. That wonderful statement really opens the door to usher us all in to worlds of limitless wonder. We bought the ticket so let’s enjoy the ride. Let’s remember who we really are and how much fun we can actually become through the experience of our lives and the practice of our greatness.

The New Agora sails on to brighter shores, yet with such tales to tell as might forever fill our hearts with awe and gratitude at the sacrifices of all those involved, and with the hard earned wisdom of having lived through it all.

From everyone at the New Agora: Welcome to the party! Thanks for coming, and don’t forget to enjoy the show.


A Light in the Storm: The Ezekiel Stepha...

A Light in the Storm: The Ezekiel Stephan Story pt.3 By Laurette Anderson If you have been reading the preceding episodes of the Ezekiel Stephan story, you know that the mass media system has funneled the narrative through the fabricated [...]

To Think The Unthinkable By Fredalupe!

To Think The Unthinkable By Fredalupe! Delving deeply into the challenge this paradoxical puzzle presents the thinking mind, the answering of which necessarily leading one’s own attention to a suspension of the very thing with which one attempts to do [...]

Creation, Nature, God, Life: No Differen...

Creation, Nature, God, Life: No Difference Adam Abraham Achillea millefolium, a.k.a. Yarrow This commentary began its life as a post on Facebook, but in bringing it to this medium much has been added. Mt. St. Helens from 47 miles away. Working through [...]

Unwinding the Madness – Is It Too Lat...

ZEN GARDNER, ~VOICES OF INSPIRATION & COURAGE Unwinding the Madness – Is It Too Late? by Zen Gardner June 14, 2018 As more and more people are increasingly realizing, humanity is under a full spectrum attack – fundamentally on its health [...]


Many great thinkers have asked that age-old-question, “Are we alone in the Universe?” In Einstein’s words: “Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist. In the vastness of the Universe [...]

In Daring Freedom Found By Fredalupe!

In Daring Freedom Found By Fredalupe!        In some of my recent travels down south, down Mexico way, I came across more than one representation similar to our present cover titled ‘Galactic Empress’. That odd assortment of eyes, one above [...]