MICHAEL TELLINGER PRESENTS HIDDEN ORIGINS TOUR Vancouver Discussion – Review by Laurette Anderson

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UBUNTU: One Small Town Can Change the World

Michael Tellinger Speaking Engagement on June 13, 2017. Vancouver Public Library.

Vancouver Discussion  

– Review by Laurette Anderson – 

A good crowd of about four hundred people showed up at the library in downtown Vancouver for the Hidden Origins Tour presentation by Michael Tellinger. You could hear a pin drop as the audience paid the utmost attention to the topics at hand; ancient civilizations, advanced ancient technology, free energy and contributionism. From my perspective most of the attendees were in the Baby Boomer generation. Are we really the most receptive to these radical ideas?

With a combination of wry humour and a detailed look at the ancient sites in Africa, Michael shared his journey from being a trusting human being, who looked to the authorities and corporations as trusted sources on everything, to the realization that they were not the authorities, that we have been lied to, that knowledge has been suppressed and that perhaps we need to regard our history,( as he has witnessed in the ruins of the ancient African sites), through a new lens. To do this we people need to reject the common historical references taught to us by our schools and universities. Radical research and knowledge regarding the potential behind the ruins was explored in the presentation. The advanced technology of sound and frequency was a fascinating approach when examining those same ancient sites. Cone and donut shaped stones found in abundance among these ruins may have a mysterious and musical purpose far beyond our current day understandings. The connections to modern innovators in free energy, like Nicola Tessla and his research (the bulk of which has been suppressed or destroyed), was an interesting strand of Michael’s presentation.

But the culmination of Michael’s presentation was definitely in his innovative answer to the societal problems at hand. Whether you want to call it corporate debt slavery or a mind controlled population of apathetic non-thinkers or just plain old apathy and poverty, we all pretty much agree there is a huge problem reflected in expanding war zones, terrorism, poverty, disease and stress. We can’t go on blaming Trump, the current object of contempt and the blame game, being slimed at every opportunity by our mainstream media outlets. Not to say he’s a great guy directing the world into peace and love. Another war monger, just like all his recent predecessors. No better and no worse. Let’s face it. It’s us! And we are now being held responsible for innovating our way out of this sticky mess by the spirit of generations to come who will either suffer the consequences of the current direction or reap the benefits of a world that transitions to a happier place. The Baby Boomer’s grandchildren will suffer. Perhaps it’s this realization that brought we, the majority, to Michael’s presentation. One small town and the concept of Contributionism is presented as the way of the future. What is Contributionism? Well, simplified, it’s a different approach to money systems and the economy. If money is meant to be a facilitator of trade, then why has it caused such grief? Money in our current world travels in one direction it seems – into the pockets of the super-rich. While the poor – that’s the rest of us plebs – are the suckers who have enrolled willingly in a system of debt slavery. How they did it and more importantly how to get out of it was an enlightening way to feed our minds, and give the audience a clear direction for improving our collective futures.  How exactly? Well you’ll need to attend his next presentation to find out more details or go to his website at www.michaeltellinger.com. I can only say that hope and optimism about the possibilities are what we took away from this inspiring event. This is where the idea of “one small town” and the Ubuntu Movement that is growing rapidly world-wide, comes into play. The creation of a new economy which slowly strangles the lifeblood out of over-reaching greedy corporations, without ever having to quit your day job, well at least not until it runs out of oxygen. The thought of it makes me salivate! It could be a town near you here in Canada. Who knows? Is there a Mayor of one small town so inspired as to lead in so different and radical a direction? Google Ubuntu for more information about this political movement.

The only thing I would change about the evening with Michael Tellinger, was to add an hour or two at the end to mingle and chat with other attendees, because when you choose to attend events like this, you come together with like-minded people. Serendipitous happenings, that can change the world, are the result of these gatherings. I would hope for this opportunity, to share with each other, our own experiences and knowledge, in his future events. Thank you Michael for your devotion and passion in presenting better, more harmonious options for the future of human beings on this planet.