OM Festival August 25-27, 2017 A Music Festival of Purpose: To promote healthy, sustainable living and lifestyles.

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A Music Festival of Purpose:
To promote healthy, sustainable living and lifestyles.
We want to engage people with nature and the natural practices of local Okanagan businesses. The music of this festival will have an acoustic and organic feel to it with content of substance that shares similar values from which the event is being built around.

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OM Festival Press Release

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The North Okanagan OM Festival.
A Music Festival of Values: To promote healthy, sustainable living and lifestyles.

was the last annual festival in the North Okanagan that was about the music and for the people. After 10 years of annual events they shut their doors in 2011. It’s long overdue to bring another annual festival with the same type of values to the area. In 2012 there was the (one time) One Big Tree Festival in Cherryville at what was then known as Fiddle Sticks Woodland Park. It was a great success and now, 5 years later, the same grounds renamed The Monashees Woodland Retreat is holding their first annual North Okanagan OM Festival, August 25-27, 2017!

Led by local independent production company SMG Endeavors (Steve Gosselin) and Monashees Woodland Retreat Ranch Advisors David Pilz and Ava Curtola, the planning has begun. The vision of an organic music, modalities, food and sustainability theme is underway. We want to engage people with nature and the natural healing practices of local Okanagan businesses. It is family focused with a sustainable future for everyone and everything in mind.

OM represents all things… It can be considered as the seed of all of creation. This simple little word contains all the power of the universe. It is the beginning, the middle and the end ~ the past, present and future. In this festival’s case, it is also an abbreviation for Organic Music, Organic Modalities, Organic Meals, Organic Methods and Organic Merriment.

The North Okanagan OM Festival will feature:

Multi-genre/roots music: primarily acoustic instruments and minimal use of effects. Local and local(ish) favorites like Lowell Friesen and Tiger Moon are excited to grace the stage along with several traveling artists like Ghostly Hounds from Montreal and a home coming from The OM Sound along with several of your favorite local groups and performers curated by SMG Endeavors TBA.

Healing modalities such as energy healing, cranial-sacral therapy, reiki, yoga and/or other holistic practices with on stage presentations and on site practices from local Okanagan businesses like Tidal Elements.

Organic food options and artisans hand picked and local, sticking to a 100-mile diet.

Presentations and workshops on green building, eco care and self-sustainability will be held so that we can all learn to live symbiotically with each other and our mother earth in a healthy, sustainable manner.

A natural, organic kids zone for children and parents nice and close to the Kid’s Stage where we’ll have some amazing family entertainment including The Oot n’ Oots and Kiki the Eco Elf. In a world filled with video games, T.V. and other technologies, it’s good to get back into nature. It’s been the playground for kids and adults much longer than anything else.

Tickets and further information are available online at Regular price is $120 for the weekend, which includes camping. Single day passes will be available at the gate for $60 on Friday or Sunday and $80 for Saturday. These do not include camping. Cabins, tree houses and tipi’s are also available for rent at an additional cost on the grounds; visit their for more info. Line-up, vendor and practitioner announcements will be made on an ongoing basis throughout the summer.

This is an amazing and exciting new endeavor on the rise for the North Okanagan. The OM Festival theme fits the lifestyle and the culture that is growing fast around us and all over the world. It is the way of the present and future. We must adapt in order for our planet to thrive and survive. Come see what it’s all about and/or come learn more and enjoy some incredible music while you’re out there.

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Steve Gosselin
SMG Endeavors

Microsoft Word - OM Press Release.docx