PARTY SAFARI Vancouver’s First Sober Party Festival Friday, Oct 6th from 7AM to 10PM.


Vancouver’s First Sober Party Festival in Celebration of World Mental Health Day

Spreading healthy party culture one party at a time.

Vancouver, October 2017—The very first of its kind, PARTY SAFARI is an immersive party festival set to shatter beliefs around party culture this Friday, October 6th at the AMS Student Nest (UBC) in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

In a world where partying is synonymous with overindulgence, “morning afters”, and bad decision-making, Party4Health founder Jacques Martiquet shows us how to get our party on, meet amazing people, and make new friends, without the help of alcohol—one rave at a time.

“The principal of P4H is simple: no one needs to risk their life to have the best night of their life. It’s not that all alcohol use is unhealthy, it’s that a party founded on alcohol is less engaging and euphoric than a party founded on creative interactions and group socialization.”


Hosted by Party4Health, the festival will be featuring three unique main events: a Morning Yoga Rave, Silent Disco, and Guided Party Tour, along with four interactive workshops with guest speakers—all free of charge. With prominent sponsors such as Guayakí Yerba Mate, Health Chronicles, and Danish company SOUNDBOKS, PARTY SAFARI has its sights on being the “most festive conference on earth”.

“We’re designing events that challenge the foundation of party culture on drugs and alcohol; we believe that the foundation of every party should be on the people and how they interact.”


“For a lot of people, staying out late is a vice. We’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be,” Martiquet says. “What I’ve realized from the events I’ve been involved in is that taking part in pop-up activities like SkyTrain parties, bike raves, or urban dance nights can really contribute to people’s social and physical well-being—and being sober saves a lot of money, too.”

— all ages & members of the public welcome —

PARTY SAFARI will run Friday, Oct 6th from 7AM to 10PM.

Participants must register for a ticket to attend this event.

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About Party4Health

Party4Health is the future of partying. We are a group of event designers setting out to create a more engaging, inclusive, and healthy alternative to conventional party and rave culture. We leverage partying to promote health and community, to reconcile health and fun.

Party4Health is funded by donations on Patreon, and sponsored in-kind by Clif Bar & Company, Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate, SOUNDBOKS, UBC Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), the Vancouver Foundation and UTOWN@UBC.

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Contact Person: Jacques Martiquet