Valhalla Wilderness Society presents their Primeval Film Release ‘’Enter the Incomappleux’’

Watch Valhalla Wilderness Society’s Stunning Film to Protect Mountain Caribou Habitat

Logging of our remnant old-growth forests is driving the Mountain Caribou toward extinction at an alarming rate. With the recent tragic news that our only trans-Canada/USA Mountain Caribou herd is now functionally extinct, we the BC people must put pressure on our failing governments to protect more habitat immediately. In hopes to gain support for the protection of a rare and ancient ecosystem that is also critical Mountain Caribou habitat, award-winning documentary filmmaker Damien Gillis (Fractured Land, Oil in Eden) and Valhalla Wilderness Society produced a film of breathtaking beauty, Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux.

Filmed on location deep in the heart of BC’s Selkirk Mountains, this 20-minute documentary is the story of the majesty, magic and endurance of one of the world’s last truly intact temperate rainforests – the incomparable Incomappleux.

Following an expedition of conservationists, biologists and wilderness explorers, Gillis documents the nature and history of this unique place – replete with 2,000-year-old trees and rare lichens – along with a plan to preserve it through a new Provincial or National park, the Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park Proposal.

After a successful theatrical tour, the short documentary film Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux is available online at and Facebook @ ValhallaWilderness. The film will also be screened in .. Please join us in this evening dedicated to our threatened local rainforest.

Petition signatures and letters to the ministers are desperately needed to protect this threatened wildlife habitat. Please visit and help make this park a reality.