Publisher’s Corner By Lorenzo


Publisher’s Corner

By Lorenzo


I once read a story of a music band member who laughed at being labeled an overnight success. He said sure after many, many years of hard work, suddenly we’ve been noticed, but nobody has seen the deep commitment and struggle that went into getting us here’’. Well, here at the New Agora, had you been a fly on our walls you would have seen the constant effort, flavoured with years of struggle, both personal and in business, that has slowly lead to the current edition you’re holding today. Perhaps more on our ‘early years’ will be shared later, but for now I am happy to say that seven years later, we are really only beginning to see the success we always knew was possible.

At this point we must thank all of those who have helped get us to where we are today. We are growing this month, both in page-count and in our readership base. We’re extending widely across BC, while reaching out nationally and internationally with our unique print publication. First and foremost we are a full colour, monthly print publication, and we see now that the best way to continue serving our many readers is to incorporate all those amazing in-depth and out-there stories, articles and information, into our current model of print, well-supported by our website and social network. Our plans of offering a digital-only subscription-based sister paper will simply have to wait for our present expansion to reach its zenith.

This month we’ve brought on-board many a great talent and energies to help us expand fully into the daily increase in demand for what we do so well…sharing information through which our readers might help free themselves in all the ways they so choose. Keep an eye on these pages for a regular column from David Whitehead of The Truth Warrior and Unslaved ( and

If you haven’t already, please bookmark us at for the purposes of being notified when we post something new. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram. If you’re more into the personal, face-to-face old school stuff, you can meet us and our team at the upcoming Vancouver Health Show and Intuitive Arts Festival, in Victoria both November 4th and 5th, The Lift Cannabis Expo, January 12-14th, and the Victoria Health Show, January 27th and 28th, 2018. Many of our current participators will be joining us there such as Bud’s Pure Naturals, Nelson Naturals, Biosa Inc., Cannalife Botanicals, Marphyl and others sure to come.

So if you feel inspired to share with us in person or online, we encourage you to do so; and please continue your part in supporting our lovely advertisers and participators, as they assist us with their truly helpful products, information, and services: without them, and your participation, there would be no New Agora.

Finally, as the Holiday Season is now upon us, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly print publication delivered directly to your door, or the door of yours truly. After all, we are an Agora, and we love to see our family grow and do well. A big thanks to all who have helped us get to where we are today. Your contribution has helped pave the way for much more greatness to come.

All the best for all the rest,