The Sacred Sexual Music Festival: APRIL 22 at Venables Hall, VANCOUVER, Canada


The Sacred Sexual Music Festival: Why Now

By Wendy Cobina

(The First) Sacred Sexual Music Festival

APRIL 22 at Venables Hall

11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

1739 Venables (corner of Venables & Commercial Drive) 



Songs, chants, arts, and information that empowers us to connect intimately with ourselves and others through cultivating our awareness, sensuality and life force.


If we could solve one problem in our lives, coming to terms with our sexual selves would solve all of the others. So claims Wendy Strgar, the author of Love That Works.

Whether we are actively sexual or not, the deepest aspects of our identity are shaped by our erotic souls.

For example, we begin to feel our deeper erotic selves around the time we begin to explore our sense of individuated self. It is where our strongest feelings lie. And, once we’ve experienced these powerful feelings, we know how far we can aspire.

We can feel those similar feelings not just around the erotic, for it transfers, for example, to the ecstasy of achieving a goal, to birthing a child, through breathwork exercises, through dancing, through being touched by the beauty of a flower

All ecstatic. Though none more so than erotic bliss

Therefore, becoming intimate with our sexuality is the key to fully engaging with our lives and finding physical and emotional well-being

We have had an odd perspective on our life force energy. Just take a look at the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. How could we have been okay with this for so long.

Thankfully, our group consciousness is at a place now that says no to dishonouring others and ignoring non-consent.

The Sacred Sexual Music Festival is a result of this new awareness, and of sharing this respectful perspective

For example, this inaugural Festival on April 22 aims to highlight the importance of


  • healthy shame-free pleasure
  • education around sexuality
  • conscious divine awareness of our bodies
  • info on tantra and other modalities
  • healing issues around sexuality


Plus, it is a beautiful honouring of the feminine and masculine in sacred counterpart. For whether partners are men, women, men with women, trans, or bi, each partnership involves a yin and yang. Without the yin and yang, there is no juice. No polarity. No attraction.

These concepts and more are addressed and supported in the workshops, the music, the products that will be offered at the Festival

In so doing, the uplifting and healing theme of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival takes a step toward addressing and minimizing sexual guilt, shame, repression, and abuse

And healing our outdated concepts of sexuality by stepping into a higher vibration with the help of a musical backdrop not only informs that sexuality is beautiful, to be respected, and our birthright, but normalizes these concepts

Access to your truth, your healing, and your power is through your body. The music at the Festival hopes to be the catalyst as attendees shift to align with the truth of who they are and their most powerful force

Along with a beautiful musical atmosphere by acts such as Chant Your Heart Open and Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel, expect a day of learning with workshops called Conscious Kink; Sexual Liberation: Awaken Your Primal Magic; and How High Is Your Pleasure Tolerance

As well, roving educators on consent will invite attendees to mini educational moments and explore whether they’re most comfortable Allowing, Serving, Accepting, or Taking, core principles in the Wheel of Consent. The Wheel was created by Betty Martin and is an important tool for gaining clarity and exploring the layers around consent

With live sensuous and celebratory music, informational talks, workshops, Wheel of Consent education, yoga, massage, a chill space — even a hug patrol team will be on hand — the Festival promises your root and heart chakra will be more connected than ever

Consciousness in our world is changing so fast – in some wonderful ways! – and the Sacred Sexual Music Festival was born to bring a new level of awareness and healing to our life force energy