The Connection by Elva Thompson

Many of us involved in the animal rights movement have at one time or another experienced a feeling  of total connection to a hunted hare or fox – to a companion animal, or one that we have rescued from the soulless. For a fleeting instant, we have been encompassed by an ecstatic, timeless communion with a non human life form – one that takes place outside of physical reality.

In these special moments, we are connected to Source – connected to our true multi dimensional nature – which is one with all of life.  We can see this oneness connection with our companion animals. My dogs always knew when my husband was on his way home. They would be looking for him ten minutes before he got here. I’m sure you could tell me lots of similar stories!

That Art Thou

These glimpses of paradise let us know the real truth about our physical existence in this fabricated ‘whirled’. We think we are individuals, separate from creation, and that we can use other beings as we see fit. We have the entitlement of arrogance and think we are superior to every other life form. It’s what we have been taught and encouraged to believe –  and it is a monumental LIE.

Understanding that reality is not what it seems

This sacrificial reality is Lucifer’s creation.  It was he and his bunch of vivisectors who took a being with no polarity and divided it in half – made it into two. Genesis 5:2  ‘Male and female’ he created them’. The implication is that we were something else before Lucifer/Zeus got his psychotic little mitts on us.

Split blueprint – split awareness

Dividing the sexes into polarity created the third dimension of duality. The world inside and the world outside. This is the virtual realty game we are hard wired into – trapped in –  because in actuality there is no inside or outside…just like in the movie The Matrix- there is no spoon!

This is what Maya means – the world of illusion. Ma ya are words of power. They are phonetics of water, emotion and feeling, and we are eighty percent water…. We’ll talk more about this in my next article.

Black clouds with cosmic linings

When we have communion with non human life forms, our perspective begins to change, and many times spiritual reality will take us a step further on the road to understanding and awareness. Things happen to us that appear to be very negative –  like being outnumbered on a hunt by the police in a ratio of ten to one, or locked up in the police van for the afternoon.

When in fact, we are being given a cosmic opportunity for rapid spiritual growth, and the expansion of awareness beyond the confines of the matrix mind. Adversity calls upon us to stretch our thinking and to move beyond the problem.

Every black cloud has a cosmic lining –  all we have to do is find it.

This is very important to remember when shit happens!

The matrix  game

In a confrontational situation most of us instinctively react in a negative way either with fear or anger, scan-30002and of course this puts the matrix game of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ in play. The conflict begins….

One such event took place in Hampshire in the late seventies that forced us to stretch our intuitive awareness and act upon it. (See The Soulless and On Behalf of the Creatures).

police-at-dummerThe reason, I write about my spiritual experience as a hunt sab is because a time is fast approaching when direct action will be outlawed. What happens then to the hare, fox and stag? To the poor animals in fur farms, vivisection laboratories, and other animal hell holes?

The draconian laws are already in place. It’s just a matter of time before they are used against us.

If we want to continue to protect and serve soul imbued beings, we have to shift from the physical plane of manifestation into the energetic plane of causation.

We have to switch gears, and use our latent psychic power – start flexing our spiritual muscles to modulate physical reality. This is what is known as magic – the Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. In other words throwing a psychic spanner into the murder machine.

‘Oft evil will shall evil mar.’The Lord of the Rings.

Sorcery and the death cult

24733422_lBy the pricking of my thumbs – something wicked this way comes.

It is obvious to those of us who are awake that our planet is being deliberately destroyed by the satanic cabal of hybrids that run the show. Nature is dying,  and because everything is connected in the web of life, our days as a species are also numbered.

But the herd is so spell bound by their electronic gadgets, and drugged by fluoride and fast food, that they don’t see the writing on the wall. They are the victims of the serpent spell – mass hypnotism. This is sorcery of the darkest kind.

The Luciferian darkness is rising

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) defines as “terrorism” causing any business classified as an “animal enterprise” (e.g., factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs, rodeos, zoos and circuses) to suffer a profit loss and is punishable by a long prison sentence — even if the company’s financial decline is caused by peaceful protests, boycotts, media campaigns or leafleting.

Boy Bush signed this abomination into law on November 27th 2006. Soon the  global corporate machine will stifle any protest. No matter what we try to protect: trafficked children; animals or our precious water, the pictures with this article tells us who’s in charge and what we can expect. Armoured tanks and helicopters, media lies, arrests and violence. The police are militarized, and are the enforcers of the Luciferian agenda –  brute force is the modus operandi of the conquering AI.

Indigenous people, wildlife and the planet are under total attack

The Native Americans tribes that have stood up against big oil in North and South Dakota will be on the indiancorporate hit list. Reservation lands are, and will, be at risk from greedy corporate America and its addiction to destruction: fracking, drilling, mining, blasting, polluting and ripping up the earth. The land that once belonged to the Lakota is already a toxic waste dump. There are over three thousand open pit uranium mines spewing poison 24/7. The Black hills of South Dakota is America’s secret Chernobyl.

A few days ago, an open and flooded, toxic pit mine claimed the lives of ten thousand snow geese returning home to Canada.

It’s very clear that there is no Environmental Protection  Agency in the corporate state of America. It’s just a paycheck for complicity in murder.

Getting back to basics

In the beginning of this article, we touched on the transcendental connection some of us have made with animals, birds, fish, and insects. When we think very deeply about this communion, we will realise we are connected to every living thing that has a soul. And, if we can contact one species, we can contact them all. It is a matter of intent and visualization.

Group souls

Sir George taught that animals, birds, fish and insects have group souls – and once we contact the archetype of a species, every member of the tribe is aware of us. He said that when the swallow archetype thinks from Africa to England, all the swallows know what to do – just as fish turn in a shoal – because they are one mind.

‘One common soul lives in the entire animal group. As your ten fingers are members of your hands, so are all wolves members of the wolf group soul.’ Rudolph Steiner

I know this is true… Years ago, three wasps spent the winter in my trading post. I used to feed them jam on a teaspoon. Since then, every time wasps are hungry in the fall they will land on me, sometimes three or four at a time to be fed, and I oblige them with a teaspoonful of jam.

Contact at Source level

hare for articleSource is Divinity, and all soul imbued creatures are connected to it. When we have a spiritual exchange with an animal, bird, fish or insect, we are connected to its archetype at Source level. All creatures can be contacted because they are aspects of our selves. We only think we are separate – we are not.

Contacting the archetype of the hunted creature: hare, fox, stag, otter, mink, is the key to psychic modulation of physical reality.

Making a spiritual move

All spiritual undertakings require total commitment, practice and diligence. When I was in the hunt sabs, I was totally bewitched by the hare. I would walk the fields, and find her in her form. I’d spy on her for hours – it was almost an obsession. After a while, I found that I could visualize her, merge with her, and become one mind – reminiscent of a witch’s familiar!

Think what you could do, if you could reach the awareness of a hunted creature… could save its life. No bars or jail can stop you….

The disconnect

Our greatest enemy in the world of spiritual endeavour is our ego. The AI that tells us – this spiritual stuff is all bullshit, and wants to kick six bales of shit out of the hunters…. been there and done that many times! It’s all a learning process.

Violence of any kind is unproductive to the welfare of hunted animals – it only adds to the negative charge that is being broadcast by the hunt.

Dropping the ball

To be effective in the modulation of physical reality, we have to take our energy out of the game of  ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’. When we are in conflict we are in the game and powerless to change it. But when we move into the centre  – into the quiet mind, which is the neutral space between the charge (See my article The Art of Neutral) we have the power of Source at our disposal.

The Art of Visualization

Early on in my esoteric training, I was taught to visualize. I was given an apple and told to explore it with my five senses. The way it felt, the smell, the texture, the taste, the roundness – everything about it. The apple was taken away and I had to reproduce the image in my hand,  feel its texture, smell, etc. It took me quite a while to get a ‘real’ image.

When you can visualize an animal clearly, merge with its awareness, you will be able to direct it to a place of safety. Remember our experience goes far beyond us or the hare. It takes us to infinity.

If you master this technique you can create an image and project it. This is called a thought form. Try projecting the image of a deer in front of hounds.

On a side note: When you practice energetic intervention for any length of time, you’ll notice lots of strange stuff going on – mishaps in the hunt. Shit suddenly starts happening – it seems to be a ‘perk’ when we align with life.