The New Now

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What if together

We really could re-Imagine the World?

Come join the discussion, the strategizing, the imagining,

the manifestation, co-creation and sharing of  The New Now. 

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We are proud to announce the launch of our members only paid-subscription section for Jan 2019.

The New Now, which has been in our hearts to more fully offer for many years now, for the dedicated readers of The New Agora, interested in participating beyond our regular print publication.

Finally, a way for us to share more information, articles, blogs, videos, news and especially harder hitting editorials with an eye on personalizing our interactions with our readers.

We intend a space for regular questions and answers and a way for our readers to ‘’meet’’ each other and discuss the important issues of the day. Stronger together, together we can make this happen.

Our initial fees will be either $10/month or $50 for the year with advanced yearly memberships going for $25, or half price, if you sign up between now and Dec 31st/2018.

Please send us your email with ‘’Sign me Up for The New Now’’ in the Subject Line to the