The Tellington TTouch Method By Rachel Allen

The Tellington TTouch Method

By Rachel Allen

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The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle and respectful approach to working with physical, emotional and behavioural challenges in animals. The core of the work is using clear, non-verbal communication to influence animals in a positive way. The gentle TTouches are combined with purposeful movement and specific tools to help create states of balance and an increased sense of wellbeing.

Tellington TTouch can be used as a stand-alone method, or as an addition to any positive, reward- based training already being used. TTouch is used throughout the world by veterinarians, groomers, shelters, trainers, agility clubs, dog walkers, and therapy groups, just to name a few.

While even healthy animals benefit from the positive effects, Tellington TTouch is successful in helping many problem situations. In the body we may see improved posture and gait, the release of tension patterns, and speeding healing time after injury or surgery. TTouch helps the mind by increasing focus and concentration. Coordination may improve, as well as self confidence and self awareness. TTouch also greatly helps with behaviours such as leash pulling, barking, anxiety and reactivity. Emotions become more balanced, and fears and anxiety often dissipate when the animal begins to feel safe.

Dogs are walked on leash through the Confidence Course (also known as The Playground For Higher Learning) which is groundwork equipment such as a labyrinth, cones and ladders. Moving the dogs through this course slowly, focuses their minds. A variety of harness and leash configurations can be used based on the individual needs of the dog and the person. The goal of this equipment is to bring the dogs into balance and teach them how to make choices instead of simply reacting to stimuli. The dogs achieve success as they improve on the equipment which quickly builds their confidence level.

The combination of the gentle TTouches, the Groundwork and Tools used on the animals, synergistically creates opportunities for profound learning, releasing and healing.

‘TTouch For Dog’- Beginner, is a one day workshop for you and your canine companion. You will learn the basics of the Tellington TTouch Method, calming signals (the language of dogs), as well as techniques to reduce stress and tension in you and your dog. This is an exciting hands-on workshop. Be prepared for active participation and skill building.

TTouch For Dogs – Beginner
Instructor: Rachel Allen, level 2 Companion Animal Practitioner
Sat FebĀ 25, 9am-4:30pm
K9HQ, 721 Station Ave #102, Langford, BC
*Bring your dog
*No previous experience required