“These Bacteria are Life” Triple Fermented, Multi Spectrum Probiotic

“These Bacteria are Life”

Triple Fermented, Multi Spectrum Probiotic



          Probiotic (pro-life) bacteria serve innumerable benefits to all organic life and have become a staple of health-conscious diets. Contrary to decades passed, contemporary diets no longer provide our bodies with sufficient probiotics, or lactic acid; therefore we must supplement them. Although many people may not be aware of the degree to which probiotics on the shelf vary in quality and productivity. Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with Niels Wandler, the founder of Biosa Inc., and we discussed what makes Vita Biosa 10+ so effective and so entirely unique.   

          Niels shared with me the basic science behind probiotic bacteria, and the important differences regarding their production and packaging. Probiotic supplements come in different forms including powders, pills, and capsules. Although another possible source is a Multi Spectrum Probiotic like Vita Biosa. This food-grade, triple fermented beverage is not classified as a supplement but a health food instead, with excellent physiological effects.  

          Probiotic bacteria have seven hours upon ingestion to travel through the digestive system while keeping their integrity intact before they make it to the large intestine. Although this short duration is rather limiting when you consider the complexity of the task at hand. These bacteria must enter into the body and pass through hostile stomach acid. They must find a mate within the small intestine with which to reproduce, and locate food to begin multiplying, all before reaching the large intestine. Because of this short time frame, and the often already-compromised host’s digestive system, some people may not be able to break down the protective coating of the supplement, causing little or no release of the intended probiotic effect.

          Brewed in Canada, Vita Biosa 10+ is created using only organic ingredients including nineteen different herbs sourced from Germany, cane sugar molasses from Paraguay, and licensed food processing bacteria from four accredited European labs. To facilitate fermentation, ten strains of probiotic bacteria, including lactobacilli acidophilus and bifido, are then added to the broth of plant elements, digestive enzymes, and sugars, which begins the fermentation process. The carbohydrates are then converted into lactic acid while the prebiotics, or food, are preserved within the broth. This process actually magnifies the whole, making the brew greater than the sum of its parts, hence 10+.

          These bacteria multiply at different rates, in different stages, and at different grow temperatures. That’s why at Biosa Inc., Niels and his team are using a special technology called Triple Fermentation Process to ensure that all growth rate variables are covered. The predigestive fermentation happening in the Biosa liquid now mirrors what’s going on inside the gut, and when the bacteria are introduced into the system, the body recognizes them and they begin socializing immediately.    


          The finished probiotic drink has lactic acid derived from sugar conversion, with a pH value very similar to that of stomach acid. It is therefore neutral for the stomach, and easy to pass through the small intestines; another key process attributed to this probiotic. The bacteria now have a better chance of making it to the gut. Niels says that the problem with probiotics in capsules or coated pill form is that their exterior shells are designed to withstand destructive stomach acid, and may not be released within the correct time frame. Meanwhile the Vita Biosa bacteria begin the fermentation process upon ingestion, as they already recognize each other and have begun reproducing prior to consumption.

          The bacteria’s next step is to analyze the environment and establish their individual tasks within the host’s body in order to confer their healing modalities. This complex community, or culture, has the skills to decide which combinations of bacteria are necessary to assist with different bodily functions.

          While achieving good digestion and regularity is one of the principal goals of the probiotic, eliminating free radicals and lowering oxidative stress by means of its high antioxidant content is also a significant benefit of Vita Biosa. Improved oral health is another important benefit by flushing bad bacteria from the mouth cavity. Research suggests that candida is amongst these bad bacteria that cannot thrive in an environment dominated by lactic acid.

          The product is thus called a Multi Spectrum Probiotic, implying that the bacteria can work on many issues or ailments within the body simultaneously. Eventually however, they will be flushed out of the body, and once they are gone they cannot repopulate. Therefore it is necessary to incorporate the Vita Biosa probiotic drink into daily health routines to continue cultivating friendly gut bacteria.

          After one week of using the product I noticed increased energy, which is typically the first observation made due to better food conversion. The body is satisfied with less sustenance and no longer demands certain foods, especially sugar cravings, which I can attest to. By reducing food consumption, the digestive system is less taxed, yet we are left with a surplus of energy. I also used Vita Biosa topically to treat an eczema outbreak on the palms of my hands. Amazingly after a couple of days, it disappeared.

          While other liquid probiotics do exist, they are only available as single fermentation. Take Kombucha as a popular example of a single fermented beverage. The Kombucha is ready for consumption after a single fermentation, and each time a new batch is brewed, the majority of the cultures, called scobys, are reused. Niels explained to me how Vita Biosa is much different insofar as every batch starts with new bacteria, which multiply in larger quantities due to the various growth temperatures.       

           Inside each of us exists a rainforest of gut flora that requires nutritious fuel called prebiotics, in order for the bacteria, probiotics, to live and work in harmony with the host. “Basically these bacteria are life”, says Niels, “that’s why we’re here. That’s why you are there and that’s why I’m here. It’s because of them”.

          Watch for more articles on the subject, including an in-depth analysis of the healing relationship between Vita Biosa and our cherished Honey Bee population.

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By Haley Nagasaki