Title-Permaculture in Poland with Julian Rose. April 8-9-2017

Dear Friends,

You are very welcome to visit us and join our PERMACULTURE IN PRACTISE workshop. Below more details.

Greetings, Jadwiga and Julian from ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside ==== PERMACULTURE IN PRACTISE. COOPERATE WITH NATURE

Place: EKOCENTRE ICPPC – located in Beskidy mountains, in village Stryszów in Poland, only 40 km from Krakow.

Term: 8-9 April (Saturday-Sunday) 2017 but you can come earlier or stay longer.

We invite you to an unusual place – EKOCENTRUM ICPPC, where theory goes together with practise. Here we produce our food, by traditional and ecological methods and are living in ecological buildings using ecological technology.

We invite you to a great workshop “Permaculture In Practise. Cooperate With Nature” lead by well known, experienced practitioners.




9:30 Welcome and explore EKOCENTRUM ICPPC with a guide

10:30 What is a Permaculture?

12.00-13.30 How to start a Permaculture Garden?

14:00 Ecological lunch

15:00-18:00 How to take care for the garden throughout the year

18:30 Dinner from local and ecological products

19:30-20:30 On the Way to Self-Sufficiency. Our Ark EKOCENTRUM ICPPC



8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Harmonious designs of habitats within the model of self-sufficiency

10:00-12:30 Methods to improve soil fertility

13:00 Ecological lunch

14:00 Field operation: perform one installation in the garden

15:00–16:30 First year in the Permaculture Garden

16:30 Summary

inside pic for permaculture eventADDRESS:

EKOCENTRUM ICPPC 34-146 Stryszów (40 km from Kraków, 13 km from Wadowice), tel. 0048 33 8797114, mail:biuro@icppc.pl www.eko-cel.pl How to get: http://eko-cel.pl/kontakt/

Price of workshop in English: 600 Polish zloty (including 18 hours of courses, two ecological lunches, dinner, breakfast, accommodation 8-9 April, plus pot with herbs).

ATTENTION: You can come earlier and stay longer in POTOCZEK www.potoczek.pl , near to EKOCENTRUM ICPPC.

Cost for participant of workshop: accommodation in a single room 100 Polish zloty pp, in a double-three/p room 60 Polish zloty zł pp.

Meals from local and ecological products.


Andrzej Młynarczyk– ecodesigner, lived and traveled through numerous ecovillages in Europe. He lives in enclave displaced from cities near Lublin. Fo nearly 20 years , he has promoted permaculture and organic construction. He finished postgraduate studies in Denmark from Alternative Design in Folkecenter. Author, first Polish book , about permaculture “The Permaculture Garden- Touch the Soil”.

Monika Podsiadła– animator permaculture. Passionate gardener and herbalist. She visited many alternative places in Europe, she participated in many courses, meetings and conferences under the patronage of Global Network Ecovillages. For 20 years she has co- created with Andrzej, a harmonius permaculture habitat.

JADWIGA ŁOPATA – initiator and co-founder of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC). She has been actively involved for the last 30 years in the work to protect and promote traditional aspects and values of Polish countryside, natural and cultural diversity. Jadwiga has a small traditional organic farm; for many years she has been the director of EKOCENTRUM ICPPC www.eko-cel.pl. She is famous for authoring and passionately delivering inspiring workshops and lectures. Her work has been awarded Golden Cross of Achievement and the Goldman Award (ecological Nobel prize).

SIR JULIAN ROSE – one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, for the past 15 years, has been the president of the ICPP, www.icppc.pl The owner of one of one of the first registered ecological farms in England. Julian is also a social activist and longtime member of the Soil Association, the leading pro-ecological organisation in the UK, involved in the promotion and attestation organic farms. Correspondent in the prestigious journal “Environment Now” (Environment Now)), government advisor, author.