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 The Truehope Story
8245625 The Stephan Family
Before Truehope… the beginning

Ten children were left motherless the cold January day that Debbie took her own life. She had been suffering the pains of Bipolar Affective Disorder (BAD) for years and finally succumbed to the dark and irrational side of the disease. Somehow, out of the sheer agony and crushing pain of her loss came a determination for Anthony her husband. He began a prayerful and desperate search to find hope and health for their children who were also ravaged by the disease. At the time of her death, two of Debbie’s children had also been diagnosed with BAD. As a desperate father, and after exhausting all known medical routes, Anthony sought the help of a friend. Together these two men established a program of nutritional supplementation that would eventually lead to the recovery of Anthony’s children and the formation of The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. – a non medical research group dedicated to researching and overcoming the disorders of the central nervous system. Debbie’s tragic death had initiated that series of events which would change the grim picture of mental illness forever.

Joseph’s Story

Joseph Stephan exhibited signs of attention deficit disorder as a child. By the time he entered puberty, the symptoms were escalating into panic attacks, delusions and violent fits of rage. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with BAD shortly after Debbie’s death.

Joseph was first treated with lithium, an element used to make batteries, which caused severe side effects. When he refused to take it, he lapsed into severe mania and panic within a couple of days.

Then, on January 20, 1996, Joseph started using the nutritional supplementation program created by his father. The results were dramatic and immediate. Within four days he was off the lithium; within two weeks, his mood and emotional control improved immensely. In the years since, he has maintained his well being and has had no recurring symptoms of BAD.

Autumn’s Story

Autumn Stringam’s recovery is, if anything, more dramatic than her brother’s. At 12, she showed signs of suffering from Bipolar Disorder, a condition which deteriorated throughout her teens. She married Dana, had a child at 20, and was subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder I with rapid cycles; a daily seesaw of mania and depression. Those eventually gave way to regular visual and aural hallucinations and the belief her husband and other family members were conspiring to kill her. These visions often led her to act out violently.

Following a particularly terrifying episode, Autumn was admitted to a psychiatric ward. After many adjustments to her medications, she was released a few weeks later. Drugged and with her cognition impaired, she “broke through” her medications frequently and was extremely unstable.

After threatening suicide, she was again hospitalized. Upon release, she was taking a pharmaceutical cocktail of Haldol, Rivotril, Ativan, Epival and Cogentin, a combination that failed to control her psychosis. She continued to rapid cycle.

Told Autumn would require round-the-clock adult supervision, Dana took her to her father to begin the alternative treatment, which had helped Joseph. Within four days she was forced to eliminate Haldol and Rivotril because of the drastically increasing side effects. Ativan was no longer required when hallucinations ceased. After one week on the program, she returned home to her husband. Less than a month later, she reduced, then eliminated, the mood stabilizer Epival. Her only “medication” now was the nutrient supplement which would become Empowerplus.

Autumn’s recovery exceeded the expectations of her psychiatrist, doctor and family. The woman who was expected to remain a prisoner of BAD, confined by a medley of psychotropic drugs and pursued by thoughts of suicide for the rest of her life, continues to be healthy and stable to this day.

But perhaps even more compelling is how Autumn, once counseled to be sterilized after the birth of her son, gave birth in 1999 to a happy, healthy daughter, and again in 2001 and 2003 to two more healthy daughters!

“My life is a miracle and an example for all who suffer,” she says now. “There is hope, healing and ultimately, health for all who seek it; there is an alternative to despair.” Autumn spends her time raising her four wonderful children, remains happily married to Dana, her beloved husband and volunteers for her church and community. Hers is a parable of hope to those who follow her footsteps.

Reflections of Faith and Hope

Anthony Stephan, in reflecting on the marvelous recovery of his children, said; “Truly God has answered my pleadings and intense prayers with a great blessing.” Hundreds of participants have borne that same witness and acknowledged the hand of God in bringing restoration to their life or that of a loved one. Hence, we have named this web site “TRUEHOPE” because we believe that true hope can only be found in the healing sustenance that God has provided for us. No man or company or science can ever replicate or replace that which our Creator has provided for us. In seeking to treat the symptom, we have all ignored the Source.


EMP by TrueHope

Testimonial by Haley Nagasaki

When I first tried TrueHope’s EmpowerPlus (EMP) supplement, for cognitional function and brain health, the effects were immediately apparent. Within two days of taking 4 capsules per day, two after breakfast and again after lunch, I began feeling lighter; my mind was clearer and I felt very relaxed. Having grown up with varying degrees of anxiety myself, and coming from a family whose gene pool is riddled with cases of Bipolar Affect Disorder, even Schizophrenia, I always knew my chances were greater than average for eliciting symptoms of mental illness. While my disposition is generally a happy one, I still experience the stressors of everyday life, from familial conflicts during my adolescence, to the weight of post-secondary education in my early twenties, and now the constant struggle that is the balancing act called “getting by”. Within 48 hours of taking the natural supplement, my afternoons were no longer clouded by a heavy fog or sense of despair. Previous to this, seldom would I get through a single day without a pang of worry or panic, characterized as anxiety. It’s as though a curtain had been drawn, a weight had been lifted, and suddenly I was seeing the Vancouver rain from the perspective of a duck; things were pretty great.

I interviewed David Stephan last year, Vice President of Canadian Retail Sales, where he recounted to me the history of the EMP product, and why his father, founder of TrueHope, worked ceaselessly to create the perfect formula. There was a high instance of Bipolar Affect Disorder within the Stephan family that had claimed the life of David’s mother, and nearly his brother and sister too. Within that first week of trying the product for myself I noticed its potency and understood how and why it ultimately saved members of the Stephan family, and now thousands of other people across the country.

I began turning my own family onto the product, and becoming more interested in TrueHope’s entire line of products as well. After picking up a case of EMP’s last summer, I decided to try Freeminos: 23 Free Form Amino Acids. This product also targets brain health and provides users with a list of vitamins and amino acids for superior health. With this product I noticed increased energy, and as a vegetarian, was confident that my body was getting additional amino acids, which comprise the foundation of proteins. I continued taking both products for the entire summer, until about mid-way through last fall when my supply ran out and I got so caught up that about a month went by where I was without any EMP’s.

I did not notice a change in my temperament right away, although as time passed, I began experiencing that tightness-of-chest panicky feeling. Looking back to my teen years, I recall that I’d been encouraged by my family to visit a doctor for a diagnosis, but I always resisted, thinking I could overcome whatever it was on my own without medical intervention. To this day I’ve never labeled any of my symptoms yet this product has proven to me that they do exist. My condition was never debilitating, but was certainly uncomfortable for myself and for those to whom I’d express my negativity. I am so grateful for TrueHope and the Stephan family for their hard work and life-changing products. I can’t imagine living without this product knowing now that the heaviness I experienced was both unnatural and entirely correctable without chemical drugs.

I have since resumed taking EMP’s, Freeminos, and Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) as well. This last product is a powerful antioxidant promoting cardiovascular and immune health. Since supplementing with OLE I have enjoyed an overall sense of wellbeing and have avoided getting sick this winter for the first time in years. I highly recommend the TrueHope line of products to anyone interested in curative and preventative natural health supplements. Thank you to the Stephan family for your astounding success.