Welcome to The March 2018 Edition of The New Agora!


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Welcome to the New Edition, March,  2018, of  The New Agora.

This month we really hit our stride with a fabulous bunch of articles, great services and products, aimed directly at the heart of consciousness, and continuing on our chosen path of growth and abundance; with fabulous New Agora Vancouver offices coming, plans in action for connecting with and expanding out to our sister city Toronto as well, where we’ll be for the upcoming Lift show there and potentially much more participation coming from out East.  We’re really bringing both ends of the story together now!


If you haven’t yet already, please bookmark our website, www.newagora.ca and visit often for more articles, events, information and news. We print monthly but update our website regularly.

Feel free to contact myself, Lorenzo, with any feedback, suggestions, articles, publicizing opportunities, events, news, inventions or any or all of the above.

We love participation and are grateful for your help in our continued success in sharing truth and freedom. We are free online, and free to pick up. Hard Copy subscriptions are also available Worldwide.

And a huge thank you to Simon Haiduk for his gorgeous Art gracing the cover of pour March Edition!

Simon Haiduk one eigh printThank you so much for participating so beautifully Simon!

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