Welcome to the JUNE 2018 Edition of The New Agora!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our June 2018 Edition of The New Agora.

Printing more and reaching further than ever before we have now surpassed our 100,000/month readership as we continue to pick up speed and head out East.  Even as I write this our latest is headed towards Toronto. Safe to say our National Expansion is happily in progress. June’s been big so far, with two hugely successful shows for us out East, The Lift Cannabis Expo and O’Cannabiz both in Toronto with more coming this month in BC. Look for us at the International Cannabis Biz Conference and The Architects of the New Paradigm, Search for ET Conference, the first in Vancouver.

Cheers Lorenzo-Publisher.

Big Thanks again to Vacio Cielo for our fabulous cover this month!