Welcome to the October 2018 Edition of The New Agora!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our October 2018 Edition of The New Agora.

Hey Everyone…hope all is well.    We are delighted to invite you to enjoy our latest edition of The New Agora, Oct 2018.  As we continue our expansion across Canada and into California we are happy to showcase new cover art by the amazing Mugwort Designs (www.mugwortdesigns.com) and express our gratitude, in advance, to another new participator The Art Pedal ( www.theartpedal.com), from where you may both grab a current copy of The New Agora and also purchase some amazing art from plenty of local, ie BC talent and beyond.  Watch our covers in the coming months as we continue to showcase both ground breaking art, and potentially Consciousness enhancing articles and information.  You may also grab a copy of Oct’s edition at both the upcoming Hempfest Calgary, Oct 13-14 (www.hempfestcalgary.com) and The Vancouver Health Show, Oct 27 and 28 (www.healthshows.com).  Come see why we’ve grown from a notion to a juggernaut of freedom.  As the publisher of The New Agora, I encourage all great biz to come forward and see how we can grow together in abundance.


Cheers Lorenzo!

Big Thanks again to MUGWORT

 for our fabulous cover this month titled NOCTUA ‘Owl Enchanted’.

-Lorenzo –Publisher – The New Agora