Welcome to the September 2018 Edition of The New Agora!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our September 2018 Edition of The New Agora.

Expanding with the New Agora

As we expand our way nationally, now into Toronto and this month Calgary, and even internationally, as we’ve begun our ground distribution southward into California, it seems to me an ideal time for our readers, old and new, to perhaps finally get the answer to the question we get asked so often, ‘’What kind of publication/magazine is The New Agora?”

A few months ago Fredalupe, our esteemed editor, wrote an article on apophasis, which in a nutshell is essentially about the art of seeing what is by seeing what is not, affirmation through negation. With that in mind I’ll give answering that question above a shot:

We are not a conspiratorial ’rag’, we are not a health-nut, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, protesting hippie, anti-establishment, status quo, etc.…magazine. As well, contrary to how it may look by the many cannabis related ads we have this month, we are not a marijuana publication either. Don’t’ get me wrong, we’ve shared plenty of articles, monthly, on all of the above possibly labelled topics, but, truth be told, we are, above all else a ‘Freedom Loving Publication’. We love truthful helpful information. We love evolution. We love freedom.

I once read a great book, in fact we still have it in our office library, called “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You do”. I’ve read a great many good books along similar themes and they all have one particular flavour for us that we adore, and that my friends is Freedom. From the freedom to choose your medicine, food, information, histories, recreational past times, educational means and methods and everything else besides, we just can’t get enough.

’Do No Harm’’ we figure, the rest is up to you. Our goal since day one has been to help our readers to help themselves. And whether you see a plethora of Vitamin/Supplement Ads, Workshops, Events, Foods, Yoga, and yes now even the once dreaded and illegal Cannabis ads, our bottom line has always been, that if you offer an authentically helpful and useful product, service, event or workshop, we are happy to help you reach our now more than 150,000 readers in print and online.

Today it seems that lots of power-plant related information and interest abound, and why not, after all, it was those very same power plants that once helped me to ‘break the mold’ of who I thought I was.   Truth be told we we’re going on and on about the miraculous healing power of cannabis far longer than it’s been deemed ‘legal’, taxed and hip to do so.

So to those who ask ‘’Are you guys a, fill in the blank, kind of paper, we say, ‘sorry, nope, we are not’. Maybe look on the other side of ‘what we are not’ to see what we might be. We simply refuse to be ‘pigeon-holed’, intending to reach as many interested readers as possible, and so will fill up our tanks with the beneficial loving abundance that comes our way to reach that goal every month in print and every day online.

-Lorenzo –Publisher – The New Agora

Big Thanks again to Dan Carlson for our fabulous cover this month!